A Case Study

The Evolution Property Group (Evo Properties) required a website and other digital marketing assets to drive their sales and marketing campaign for The Pinnacle.

Our client

The Evolution Property Group (Evo Properties) required a website and other digital marketing assets to drive their sales and marketing campaign for The Pinnacle. Kri8it was appointed to handle the website design and development, as well as several other digital aspects of the project.

Our client’s objectives were primarily sales-focused. They required a website to introduce the building concept, showcase the units for sale, educate the audience about all the features of this unique apartment complex and investment opportunity, and enable buyers to reserve an available unit via the website itself – which therefore served as both a brand platform and an online purchasing portal.



The Pinnacle’s creative agency, Bittersuite, provided Kri8it with an approved corporate identity and a marketing brochure that had been designed for print. These elements guided our digital design concept – as our designers set about converting these graphical elements into a fresh, dynamic online brand experience.

kri8it digital and bittersuite

We drew design inspiration from the angular shapes of the building and the use of sliding doors, using striking imagery and injecting motion into our user experience to convey the sleek, urban personality of The Pinnacle.

Thanks to an extremely agile design and layout, the website transitions seamlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile, while retaining the same flow and information hierarchy. We used an efficient, modular design concept, similar to the building itself, with key content grouped and repeated throughout to communicate important information in a clear and palatable fashion.

Design highlights include the slow zoom that draws the audience into the photos and the depth of the interaction between the static and scrolling triangle images. A menu opening effect with an angled background adds intrigue and energy.



Kri8it built the website on WordPress. The sales-focused section of the website was created in WooCommerce, allowing prospective buyers to add units to their cart and reserve these with Evo Properties.

A price list page provides a bird’s eye view of all the room types, as well as the real-time availability status of each unit (which are marked as “sold” the instant they are reserved). Users can quickly search for and navigate to a unit of their choice and reserve it before someone else does.

Our development approach allowed us to run two workflows simultaneously – with our developers focusing on the e-commerce aspect of the site and our designers focusing on the look and feel, as well as the content population process. Reviews for both design and development were taking place in parallel, ensuring optimum productivity and efficiency. As a result, Kri8it was able to gain final client approvals in good time and meet an incredibly tight deadline.

Considering the fact that this was a complex project from a design, planning, roll-out and development point of view, this approach allowed us to give each aspect of the project the time it deserved.


Other digital marketing assets

In addition to designing and developing the website, Kri8it also generated:

•  A promotional emailer that went out to prospective buyers
•  A pre-launch landing page that served as an educational platform in the build-up to the launch
•  Website banners that were featured across Property24.com to drive traffic to the pre-launch landing page
•  A Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) campaign
•  Social media: A strategic content calendar with focussed advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

We’d love you to examine our handiwork here. If you like what you see and you’re keen to chat about your website or digital marketing product, get in touch.

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