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A new look and site for the newest lodge in the Timbavati

About the client

The family that owns RockFig recently transformed their comfortable self-catering lodge into a luxurious South African safari experience. This evolution called for a fresh approach to design and communication. In partnership with Art Of Safari Consulting, Kri8it was appointed as the digital agency to handle this project.

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Design Approach

The new logo needed to differentiate the luxury lodge from its previous iteration.

We were also required to add a modern, sophisticated and identifiable feel to both digital and physical collateral.


Inspiration was taken from the appearance of RockFig, the iconic female leopard, to create a unique visual representation of the elegant, sleek and authentically African spirit of this lodge.

Logo Anatomy

A logo is considered to be a combination mark, containing a word mark and / or a symbol mark.

We chose to use an iconic illustration of a leopard as our symbol mark. Give the many different ways that a leopard can be represented and the many visual treatments of leopards that are already in the public domain, this was a challenge – but one that our designers relished. We conceptualised many ideas and refined these to create a unique symbol mark.



The font chosen has a very sophisticated feel, with the bottom part of the “R” forming a root similar to that of a rock fig tree. This way, the entire logo celebrates both the leopard and tree that the lodge is named after.



Website design

To create a sleek look and feel, we incorporated a metallic charcoal colour into the website design elements. This creates a mysterious mood in keeping with the wild feline theme, while also ensuring that the stunning images of the landscape, wildlife and lodge stand out crisply and clearly.

We incorporated texture and contour lines to connect the wildlife and terrain, as well as create a beautiful depth that pushes this website experience beyond most others in the category.

Our mobile experience is pared down to make it as user-friendly as possible. All the important information is fast and easy to access – which is ideal for a time-pressured mobile audience.

Development approach

Kri8it built the RockFig website on the flexible, secure and mobile-friendly WordPress development platform, using the Sage starter theme as a springboard for customisation. The final product works seamlessly across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile to provide a fluid user experience for any type of customer.

We chose to develop the site from a component-driven perspective so that any content block could be used on any page. This means that when a new website component is required, this can be developed and deployed swiftly and securely. This approach provides our clients with the agility they need to respond speedily to changes in their business or marketplace. There’s no lengthy development cycle holding business back.

As mentioned, the site is also built with a multiple background approach. This provides a rich, textured look and feel that suits the luxurious nature of this brand. The photo gallery movement and visual effects make the website come to life, adding yet another stylish touch to this experience.

Brochure design

Once the website was complete, we translated relevant content into a brochure that focuses on the lodge and the experiences offered. This element complements the website to enhance the overall brand presence.


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