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Are you looking for a website that reflects your brand identity, aligns with your strategy, creates an intuitive and engaging user experience, and offers an optimal visitor to customer conversion rate?

WordPress specialists

WordPress powers 29% of all websites on the internet today, including, Spotify and TED, making this content management system (CMS) the most popular on the planet. We’ve been developing and using WordPress for almost a decade – building complex applications and plugins, as well as simple portfolio and brochure sites. As a framework, WordPress enables us to offer our clients the latest in website development technologies as well as beautiful website design techniques supported by the largest development community on the internet.

Mobile development

We take a mobile-first approach, which goes beyond mobile-friendly to ensure your website offers a seamless, positive brand experience to users who are spending more and more time on mobile devices. At the same time, we’re planning for Google’s move towards a mobile-first index, where the search engine will focus mainly on ranking mobile content.

User experience design

Because every user is unique, it is safe to say that everyone will experience and interact with your website differently. Guiding all these users on your desired digital journey is a complex task! Fortunately, great UX design can help to achieve this – and we know how to create digital experiences that promote and invoke specific behaviours and emotions, to nudge users in the right direction. In this way, our expert UX design and development services help to achieve your website goals.


WooCommerce is dominating global e-commerce platforms. With over 37 million downloads and counting, it powers 28% of all online stores. Are you looking to compete in the rapidly expanding digital shopping environment? With extensive experience in developing WooCommerce online stores, themes and plugins, we’re perfectly positioned to offer you a premium and future-proof e-commerce solution.


If you do not have the correct building blocks for SEO, no amount of expensive advanced techniques can save you along the line. Kri8it can make sure that your website is developed and set up correctly, with the tools to easily manage and update your social and search optimisation the same way you would your content. We also put frameworks in place for managing more advanced SEO techniques dynamically and on the fly. As with most digital disciplines, SEO best practice evolves rapidly and requires constant attention. Having experienced SEO and content professionals on our team enables us to research and implement the advanced techniques required to compete at the highest levels in search.

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