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The 5 podcasts we can’t stop listening to

Podcasts are an excellent tool for continuous improvement, on both a professional and personal level. Listening to a podcast in traffic or during your tea break is such a convenient way to expand your knowledge, refresh your perspective and hone your competitive edge.

“We must never become too busy sawing to take time to sharpen the saw.” – Dr Stephen Covey”

Here are five podcasts that we – as a digital marketing agency – can’t live without:

  • Rainmaker FM
    Rainmaker Digital is a digital commerce company that grew out of Copyblogger, the highly influential blog launched by Brian Clarke in 2006 that quickly became the go-to goldmine of information on content marketing. The group has a podcast channel – Rainmaker FM – focused on sharing digital marketing, sales and business advice. There’s a wide range of shows on the platform, offering everything from technology insights to hacks for entrepreneurs. Tune in here:


  • Duct Tape Marketing
    Providing digital marketing inspiration since 2009, Duct Tape Marketing is a weekly podcast hosted by John Jantsch. This is the one to listen to if you want the inside scoop from some of the most influential people in business and marketing – including the likes of Simon Sinek, Neil Patel and Ann Handley. Tune in here:


  • Developer Tea (The Spec Network)
    Dedicated to the web development and design community – along with interested clients – this refreshing podcast has been created to fit neatly into your tea break. Developer Tea is committed to providing “a culture of constant learning and improvement” in the fields of web development and design, providing regular doses of globally-relevant inspiration and advice. Tune in here:


  • Marketing Over Coffee
    Each show provides around 20 minutes of wisdom on topics related to marketing, sales, new media and technology. Hosted by author of B2B Marketing Confessions John J. Wall and new media visionary Christopher S. Penn, this podcast has a casual, conversational feel – perfect for those moments you need inspiration and encouragement. Tune in here:


  • Hot Copy
    If you’re looking for tips, tactics and guidance on all things related to copywriting, the Hot Copy podcast is a must-listen. This collaboration between two brilliant copywriters based in Australia – Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon – is easy to listen to and always educational, whether you need advice on how to write an email, craft content or manage your time. The hosts also reveal the writing and productivity tools they can’t manage without. Tune in here:


Did we leave your favourite podcast off the list?

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